scEnhancer: a single-cell enhancer resource with gene annotation across hundreds of tissue/cell types in three species


The database provides single-cell enhancer annotation in three species, including human (hg19), mouse (mm9), and fly (dm3). The consensus enhancers were identified based on single-cell datasets of scATAC-seq. Currently, scEnhancer contains 14,527,776 enhancers and 63,658,600 enhancer-gene interactions for 775 tissue/cell types. The database allows users to search the enhancers/genes in simple and advanced ways. Simple Search: (1) Search the single-cell enhancers within a given genomic region in any tissue/cell types; (2) Compare the single-cell enhancers across different single-cell tissue/cell types; (3) identify the single-cell enhancers associated with a particular gene; (4) Compare the single-cell enhancers of the same gene accross different tissue/cell types; (5) predict the regulatory elements for a list of genomic regions. Advanced Search: (1) Graphically display the differences of different tissue/cell types by enhancer clustering; (2) Identification of tissue/cell type-specific enhancers at the single-cell level.

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